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11 December 2008 @ 08:43 am
I have really got to stop reading Neil Gaiman's blog while eating things.  
Because I almost choked on some oatmeal. Ouch.

Someone wrote in to ask if she could write a spin-off novel based on Stardust, but she is not just in it to make money, although she knows that writers like Jane Austen were. (!) Neil replied, "You need to stay on the non-commercial side of the street, which means you can't sell it, not even if, like Jane Austen, you're in it for the big bucks."

I think it's just because it's early(ish) in the morning and I'm slightly sleep-deprived, but that made me laugh. Yeah, that Jane Austen, raking in the dough from her novels. How much did she see from the publication of Northanger Abbey, again? (Yes, that is rather a trick question, I suppose.)

Gileonnen: So Gladgileonnen on December 11th, 2008 02:22 pm (UTC)
Ohhh, Neil Gaiman. Giving fanfiction the nod while sporking ignorant fangirls. ^__^
tempestsarekind: neverwheretempestsarekind on December 11th, 2008 09:47 pm (UTC)
I know! Sometimes I just want to snuggle him. :) Well, metaphorically.
Neaneadods on December 12th, 2008 02:08 am (UTC)
tempestsarekind: freema squeetempestsarekind on December 12th, 2008 03:34 pm (UTC)
Pretty much, yes. :)