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03 March 2018 @ 11:08 pm
Not sure how I feel about this:

Re-enter Sandman: Neil Gaiman's comics return with new writers

I haven't really been interested in Neil Gaiman's work the way I used to be for a few years now, but Sandman was near and dear to me, and there were so many unexplored pockets in that universe... (I used to say all the time that I would read a novel about Lucien the librarian in a heartbeat.) But the description of the new work given in the article sounds fairly dull:
The first comic opens as Daniel, the Lord of Dreams, has gone missing, with a rift between worlds revealing a space beyond his domain, the Dreaming, according to Vertigo. “Lucifer has fallen again, only this time he might be in a hell of his own design. And in London, a young boy named Timothy Hunter sleeps: in his dreams he becomes the world’s most powerful magician, but in his nightmares he becomes the world’s worst villain. Which future will become reality?” Following on will be Spurrier’s The Dreaming and Hopkinson’s House of Whispers, due to be published in September, then Watters’s Lucifer and Howard’s Books of Magic in October.

Of all the many stories you could choose to tell in the world of Sandman - or all the new ones you could invent, given how flexible the concept is - why would you choose to tell ones that have already been told multiple times? Lucifer had a spin-off series (possibly more than one? I don't really understand comics?), and Tim Hunter (whom I wouldn't consider really a part of the Sandman universe...although he does meet Death at one point) had Gaiman's original Books of Magic mini and a series of the same name. (I never did finish reading the latter, because it was too hard to get my hands on the comics back when I was in college, and Vertigo never did finish collecting them in graphic novel format, but I was quite fond of it for a while - though possibly mostly for Molly O'Reilly; I feel like I lost interest when they wrote her out. Anyway.)

I mean, who knows - you have to introduce a series somehow, and it'll probably be more interesting than this summary, but meh.