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16 July 2017 @ 12:20 pm
on the new Doctor  
Still not ginger. :)

Otherwise, I like Jodie Whittaker a lot, and have done since at least Attack the Block (I will be upset if the internet doesn't give me a bunch of GIFs and fic of Moses/John Boyega in the TARDIS); and it makes sense that Chibnall would want to work with her after Broadchurch. I'm really interested to see where the character develops!

Also, this ups the number of Doctor Who alumni who have been on Broadchurch

ETA: Aaaaand it only took me about five minutes to run into my first "ha ha, Moffat would NEVER have cast a female Doctor!" comment, even though he's been laying the groundwork for exactly such a thing since Eleven first thought he might be a girl??? Ugh, fandom, you never change.