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25 February 2017 @ 05:55 pm
random book query  
Does anyone - people who have been to conferences more recently than I have, and stopped by the Arden table, for example - know anything more about the Arden Performance Editions series?


The first editions aren't due out until November in the UK - which is too late for me to order Romeo and Juliet for English 9 in any case (assuming I teach it again next year) - but I'm wondering about their layout (more space for notes!) and their "reduced punctuation." The New Cambridge edition (the one I use) is better than some about not cluttering the text up with prescriptive exclamation points, but it's still pushier about this sort of thing than I'd like; it would be nice to have an edition with notes that doesn't require me to constantly tell my students not to make arguments about tone based on the presence of exclamation points.

I also wonder - will their Hamlet be a conflated one, or will it follow the current Arden edition in being based on Q2? I'm finding that my ninth-graders are managing the density of the footnotes in R&J decently well, but the New Cambridge Hamlet's footnotes are unsettling some number of my juniors this year. But I like the ease of teaching the play from a conflated edition instead of having things like "How all occasions do inform against me" in an appendix, even though I like the availability of versions based on Q2 or F for more scholarly purposes (I also own the Arden 3 and the Oxford, the latter of which is based on F).