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26 November 2016 @ 12:24 pm
some things never change, I guess  
Nice to see the Guardian continuing its inability to understand why anyone would write or read historical fiction as anything other than money-grubbing or facile escapism:

There is no great mystery to why authors and publishers currently favour the past, with so many examples before them of both sales success and prize judges rewarding retrospection; and novelists now have an array of possible role models for how to do literary (as opposed to novelettish) historical fiction in the 21st century, from the postmodernist mock-epics of Thomas Pynchon to the versatile era-hopping of Mantel and Sarah Waters. But as to why so many seemingly do so because they find the British, Irish or American present difficult to deal with - well, that’s probably best explained by writers themselves.

2016 Costa award: why the shortlist is making history