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28 July 2016 @ 09:30 am
Jamie Parker interview  
The pictures of Jamie Parker from various productions (including a rather nice one of him and Samuel Barnett in the barrel from Rosencrantz and Guldenstern Are Dead) are delightful.


(What is his face even doing in that one from The History Boys?)
Emily-- Toppington von Monoclesadcypress on August 4th, 2016 01:35 pm (UTC)
Oh Jamie Parker. I'm so glad you shared this! I'm just so happy that he's continued to do well.
tempestsarekind: bored history boystempestsarekind on August 5th, 2016 12:42 am (UTC)
Me too! It's so nice when talented and by all accounts lovely people have success. And such a high-profile one, too! I hope he gets to parlay it into whatever he wants to do afterward (in addition to enjoying the show now, of course).