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14 July 2016 @ 10:46 am
Pepys talks matrimony again  
My favorite parts of Pepys' journal are when he gossips about other people's marriages; they're so immediate, in a way that brings to life some of the abstractions of conduct books and sermons, or the oversized figures of ballads. Just a short mention in one of the most recent entries on the Pepys feed:

...Becky Allen is married against all expectation a fellow that proves to be a coxcomb and worth little if any thing at all, and yet are entered into a way of living above their condition that will ruin them presently, for which, for the lady’s sake, I am much troubled.

He also mentioned her just the day before (which may be why he was gossiping about her the next day with someone else):

With Sir J. Minnes to church, where an indifferent good sermon. Here I saw Mrs. Becky Allen, who hath been married, and is this day churched, after her bearing a child. She is grown tall, but looks very white and thin, and I can find no occasion while I am here to come to have her company, which I desire and expected in my coming, but only coming out of the church I kissed her and her sister and mother-in-law.