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12 July 2016 @ 10:01 pm
BBC program(me) on Julian of Norwich  
A brief clip from an upcoming one-hour episode hosted by Dr. Janina Ramirez:

(Aw, Norwich. Seeing the train station gives me all sorts of warm and fuzzy nostalgic feelings about my semester abroad there.)

So those of you who have access to these sorts of things, it airs next Tuesday and looks like it will be available on the website thereafter:

I had to teach selections from Julian of Norwich once in a survey class, and the whole time I was conscious of not doing a very good job. But I did bring my students hazelnut cookies, so at least I gave them thematically appropriate treats?

ETA: Apparently the presenter has an upcoming book on the subject as well - Julian of Norwich: A Very Brief History - but I didn't want to link to Amazon and can't find another listing. Looks like a September release date.