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04 October 2015 @ 09:17 pm
what the what  
Joining the already-in-progress “Indian Summers” on Sunday are another “Masterpiece” series, the six-part World War II story “Home Fires,” and a three-part true-crime thriller, “The Widower.” It’s enough period drama to placate the most ardent “Downton Abbey” fan.

The influence of that PBS blockbuster can be seen in “Home Fires,” in which the disputatious relationship between rival women’s-club leaders played by Francesca Annis and Samantha Bond is similar to the pairing of Maggie Smith and Penelope Wilton in “Downton,” though less entertaining."

PBS’s ‘Home Fires’ and ‘The Widower,’ Slaking a Period-Drama Thirst

Yes, because two women who disagree are of course exactly like two other women who disagree! All costume dramas are basically the same and people watch one costume drama for all the same reasons that they watch any other costume drama!

I swear, why do so many people say such stupid things about this genre? If you felt you had to make a Downton connection, you could have gone with the fact that Samantha Bond is actually on Downton Abbey, instead of this ridiculous "these two ladies are just like this other pair of ladies" remark.

Also, does The Widower even count as period drama, really? It's set in 1993!