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16 August 2015 @ 01:13 pm
Linda Holmes makes everything sound interesting.  
I love everything about this piece, especially Linda Holmes' usual way of taking what many would dismiss as an offhand comment and responding to it thoughtfully:


But descriptions like this one are wonderful, too:

FX is a relatively new player in the history of scripted TV, given that they only started developing shows 15 years ago. But they're a legacy outlet when you compare them to the short-pants whiz-bang upstarts at Netflix and Amazon and Hulu, and they long ago established the critical credibility that's only recently arrived at, for instance, Lifetime with its excellent summer drama UnREAL. If prestige in television is your currency, FX is already old money. Maybe not relatives-on-the-Mayflower money, but certainly, say, steel money rather than tech money.

*giggle* I love "short-pants whiz-bang upstarts."