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19 July 2015 @ 12:37 pm
even on Twitter, Linda Holmes remains my favorite.  
Exhibit A, from her review of Trainwreck:

It gets tricky when they run into the one factor that so many romantic comedies put off until the very last minute: They like each other. That's pretty much his pitch after she says they shouldn't mix romance and work. "Do you like me?" he asks. "Yeah," she answers. "Yeah, see, I really like you."

Consider how weird it is that Hollywood romantic comedies so often position love as something that happens to people who don't like each other. This winds up being Trainwreck's most unexpectedly audacious idea. For adults, it's the ones you like that get complicated, not the ones you fight with for an hour and a half and then kiss in the rain.

(Seriously, how often is this my rant about rom-coms? So often!)

Exhibit B, Twitter: