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05 July 2015 @ 05:43 pm
random Poldark thoughts occasioned by the PBS website  
1. It cracks me up that the triangles of the "Play" buttons on the various videos on the website are done in these wavering, old-timey lines instead of just being normal triangles:


2. I obviously haven't seen episode 3 yet since it hasn't been broadcast yet, so perhaps I'll feel differently tonight, but based on the trailer: does anyone else think that the Ross/Demelza relationship is being rather rushed? They've only had a few interactions, none of which have seemed to have any romantic undertones on Ross' side, and suddenly the trailer is all hushed, tempting whispers in Demelza's ear… I remain open to being persuaded, but I have a hard time imagining how the episode will get them to this point in a convincing way.

(I felt this way last week with the whole Verity subplot, as well: as far as I could tell, she and her suitor had just met for the first time at the ball, and by the end of the evening he was declaring his love and asking her to marry him? What?)


Edited for post-episode review: well, that escalated quickly. But if they do what I hope they'll do - that is, really dig into the ramifications of Ross and Demelza's impromptu wedding - then I shall be very pleased. It wouldn't be precisely the "married people fall in love with each other" story I've been searching for (since I was thinking more about marriages made for economic/political/family reasons), but it's close enough that I would gladly take it.