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20 March 2015 @ 11:53 am
Tudor trembling cucumbers  
From an article about an exhibition on royal gardening, opening today at Buckingham Palace:

The 14th century gardening manual which warned Henry VIII that his cucumbers would tremble with fear in a thunderstorm, and a spectacular painting showing the beautiful garden he created at his Whitehall Palace, are going on display in an exhibition tracking the gardening passions of generations of royal families.
On display too is Henry VIII’s gardening manual, Ruralia Commoda, which was written in 14th century Italy, in Latin. It was the only book of its kind in the king’s library and shows signs of heavy use and annotation.

Apart from the warning over terrified cucumbers, the manual suggests that a royal garden should take up 20 acres or more, and that a good way to grow squash is to plant the seeds in the ashes of human bones.


(crammed with distressful squash?)