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23 February 2015 @ 10:02 pm
…basically Sleepy Hollow should just be Nicole Beharie's face, all the time?

(She is a marvel. She carried that whole episode on her back, nearly every emotional beat belongs to her, and you can see every moment of desperation and humor and wonder in her face as clear as day.)

Without spoilers - this is what this show is about. You put Abbie Mills and Ichabod Crane in a small space together with nothing else, and you still have a show. You separate them, and no matter what other characters or ideas you try to put in that space instead, you don't.

That "I know you, but you don't know me yet" stuff is one of my favorite things (I never understand why people don't like time-travel narratives, when they provide opportunities for topoi like this one!), and they did it so, so well: all of that warmth and tenderness in Abbie's face when she looks at Ichabod, and the way she can't quite stop herself from talking to him as she normally would, in that carriage; and Ichabod stiffer and more disconcerted than we've ever seen him (because we've never seen them together before on his turf, when he has the upper hand, and everything they have shared together hasn't happened for him yet), but loosening up - or getting more sarcastic, at least, which is how he's always dealt with things beyond his understanding, by hedging himself about with protective sarcasm - as he spends more time in Abbie's company…I could have watched several episodes of that. (How much would I have loved watching them have to develop a new rapport before eventually getting to the reset, Ichabod coming to trust Abbie again, but differently, and Abbie having to reconcile this slightly different version of Ichabod with the one she knows? So much, is the answer. So much.)

Also, I just cannot even with the fact that Abbie's phone password is Ichabod's birthday; I am so done with you two losers.

And I'm sorry to say that I still don't care about Katrina. Oops. Maybe if any of her actions had been thoroughly developed instead of just slapped on to her character in the last episode or two…