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26 October 2014 @ 12:45 pm
motormouths in love  
Oh dear, this could potentially be very bad for my health:

Edward Bennett and Michelle Terry chat to us [What's On Stage] about Love's Labour's Lost and Won

They are really rather cute together. I'm not sure I see the necessity of performing Much Ado and just *calling* it Love's Labour's Won (yes, I know, some people think it might have been an alternate title for the play, but it is rather confusing), but linking the two plays could be interesting anyway. I really liked Edward Bennett as Laertes and as Oliver in the RSC AYLI from a few years ago, and Michelle Terry was an excellent Princess in LLL at the Globe; I also liked her Helena when I saw the NT Live All's Well (although the fairy-tale aspects of the production felt too pasted-on for me to fully enjoy it; I think fairy tales are a great lens for looking at the play, but it's not enough just to give Helena a red cloak…). So I'm already trying to imagine the two of them as Berowne/Rosaline and Benedick/Beatrice.

The RSC website indicates that there will be a live screening of both plays in the UK; I can only hope they make it across the pond as well!