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15 September 2014 @ 03:25 am
finally caught up on Doctor Who  
god why am I up?

--no, I know why I'm up, it's because I watched "Listen" and I can't get it out of my head, and I want to keep Danny Pink and his big vulnerable eyes and his self-defeated head-on-desk admonishment forever--

My brain isn't functioning all that well at the moment, though, which is deeply annoying. So here are scattered thoughts:

I also loved "Robot in Sherwood" as a purely daffy escapade that then turned into meta when I wasn't quite looking. (Oh, Doctor. Can you really not see that you are Clara's hero?) The thing that interested me, though, was how angry the Doctor seemed prepared to be at the idea that Clara had told Robin about his story - and how that's bouncing off of the end of "Listen," possibly only because I watched them back-to-back, but - how much more would he hate that Clara had seen him cry like that?

In "Robot of Sherwood," I started to warm to Twelve a bit more because of how utterly aggrieved he was by the unrelenting merriness of Robin and his merry men (I can't imagine Eleven being annoyed in that way), and in "Listen," I loved his comments to Rupert - not to stop being afraid, but to use it - "Being scared is a superpower." ("Being scared keeps you fast." A little echo, perhaps?) I really like this insistence on living with fear rather than denying its existence.

Interesting to watch how time travel can leave footprints on people's lives, but from the perspective of the companion rather than the Doctor. And interesting, too, that Clara keeps resolutely not telling the Doctor that Danny was the man she went on a date with - as though she wants to keep that private and untouched by her life with the Doctor, even as it gets more and more tangled up with it.

Danny Pink is my new favorite, I just want to smush him. I want to think about him a lot more before making any real assessments, but I quite like that the relationship between him and Clara has had these awkward starts and fraught moments - he's finding ordinary, non-military life so hard. Also, he is such an awkward potato; it makes me happy. (Also interesting to think about how defensive he is about the good he did as a soldier from the perspective of "Dan the soldier man," who was always imagined to protect little Rupert from the darkness: that's the kind of soldier Danny always wanted to be.) And I like watching Clara saying the wrong things to him, not necessarily meaning to but needling him about being a soldier, making "jokes" about killing people that have a little bite that she might not even recognize. I like that she's making mistakes and messing up.

(Also, how much did I love that the two teachers can't stop themselves from chatting about students they have in common?)

With Amy Pond and Melody, we had the theme of lonely, abandoned children - and it comes back here not with Clara and her happy childhood, but with Danny. I wonder where that's going to go?