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30 June 2014 @ 03:15 pm
fun with familiar faces  
Dispatch from the Department of Stuff No One Else Cares About, "Eight Actors in Britain" edition: In yesterday's episode of the most recent season of Endeavour (the prequel series to Inspector Morse), I did not spot any actors from Doctor Who, but there were four actors who had been in Globe productions. Two of these are series regulars: Jack Laskey (Orlando in the Thea Sharrock-directed AYLI), and Roger Allam (Falstaff in 1 and 2 Henry IV; also Prospero in last summer's production of The Tempest). The amusing thing was that the other two actors had also been in those same productions: I was of course thrilled to note Jamie Parker's name in the opening credits; he played Oliver opposite Jack Laskey's Orlando, and Hal to Roger Allam's Falstaff. And then Jessie Buckley was Roger Allam's Miranda! (They filmed this production of The Tempest, but who knows if they'll ever get their act together for US screenings; they never did for last year's, as far as I know - which was not a terrible hardship, I suppose, since I'd always planned to buy the DVDs for Jamie's Henry V and Sam Barnett's Twelfth Night anyway, but I still would have loved to see Jamie cry God for Harry, England, and Saint George on a big screen too.)

(Jamie played an utterly obnoxious Oxford tutor of medieval history, clipped upper-crust accent and all - but his voice was still so lovely that I kind of just wanted him to keep being obnoxious forever...)
randomposting: exitrandomposting on July 6th, 2014 01:07 am (UTC)
This sounds like a delightful show! There's some names I recognize and like up there. :)
tempestsarekindtempestsarekind on July 26th, 2014 05:24 pm (UTC)
It's an enjoyable thing to watch, I think. Nice to unwind with, at the end of the day!