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27 December 2013 @ 03:21 pm
I guess Linda Holmes finally gets a tag.  
"You want to eliminate risk? Think like Hollywood. Only see things about which you have "preawareness." Watch more of the things you already like. Watch the sequel. Watch the other sequel. Watch the rip-off. Be that kind of enthusiast. Be the kind of enthusiast that uses enthusiasm as a shield against the possibility of disappointment.

"But there is a better way forward. Fall in love with things. Try things; dislike some of them. Love people who love things you can't imagine loving. Be thirsty and brave. Accept that if narrowcasting really is the future, considering what you don't love to be a threat to what you do is a fool's errand that will exhaust you and require you to police the joys of others in a way that will distract you from your own."

Love in the Time of Hollering: The Age of Enthusiasm

(I guess we're calling these sorts of posts "long reads" now? "Longreads"?)