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12 November 2013 @ 10:48 am
a Sleepy Hollow update not about Middle English  
Okay, so, the Sleepy Hollow writers are basically just reading my diary at this point. Or perhaps my Christmas list: first Ichabod left Abbie a voicemail missive, it was amazing, and then she took him to a history museum to look at an eighteenth-century document and he yelled at the tour guide giving incorrect facts about Paul Revere, and *then* he had to try to use the internet. But then they did me even one better, because Ichabod turned the tables on Abbie a bit, reminding her that there are skills he has that she doesn't, and that sometimes she's the fish out of water, too. And then she, Irving, and Ichabod had The Conversation about how Jefferson could write something like "all men are created equal" and yet keep slaves, and when Ichabod defensively babbled out something about how he caught up to his ideals or some nonsense, Abbie said, "Or maybe Sally Hemings inspired him." Ichabod: "…Who is Miss Hemings?"

So *then* Ichabod got all up in arms about how the modern era was full of lies and slander, but eventually they were able to disillusion him convince him of the truth. (They're having all these conversations while setting up a trap for the Horseman, btw.) And this made me *so* happy, because in an episode that starts out by positioning Ichabod as the one with the firsthand, "real" knowledge of history ("Paul Revere never said 'The British are coming!'"), the writers also undercut this by reminding us that time reveals as well as conceals, that Ichabod will not always be the expert simply because he lived through something. (Or as Irwin puts it in The History Boys, there is no period as remote as the recent past.)

Also, this scene was great because it was basically two African-Americans schooling Ichabod about history, and given that some people *still* somehow accuse others of besmirching the name of one of the founding fathers by bringing up Sally Hemings, I'm really happy that this happened on a Fox show during prime time?

*And* they gave us more John Cho, so they are clearly listening to me. *nods*

(Also, as much as I nearly flailed off the sofa when Ichabod called Abbie "Abbie" last week instead of "Miss Mills," at an emotionally important moment - you know how I can get about people switching from "you" to "thou," and this is pretty much the same thing - I am also intensely glad that he still seems to be calling her "Miss Mills" or "Lieutenant Mills" for everyday.)

About Ichabod more broadly - I'm really glad that they're doing all the "person out of time" stuff, that is manna to me, but what I really love is that they don't forget that he's a character, too - that he tries to cope with all that he sees, that he isn't just yelling about demons or witchcraft when he sees a phone, that he's making use of the technology even as he's skeptical that it's really working, that he has a sense of humor and an archness about things that is his very own.

(It's strange, because I also have a lot of warm, squishy feelings about Abbie, but I still don't really know how to put those feelings into words. That comes much more easily with Ichabod. What I will say is that I really love the mixture of absolute steel and vulnerability that Abbie has - and the way that Nicole Beharie can play those contrasting emotions even in the same line.)
pink for pterodactyl: p:palmettosignificantowl on November 13th, 2013 01:47 am (UTC)
Oh, that describes Abbie (and Nicole) so perfectly. SO AWESOME. <3
tempestsarekind: keep calm and rock ontempestsarekind on November 13th, 2013 01:45 pm (UTC)
I just love her so much already! Also, she has the best face. :)