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29 August 2013 @ 10:48 pm
unrelated things  
- I made pasta with broccoli and breadcrumbs yesterday! (I used panko because that is what I had. I keep my bread in the freezer, mostly, so I don't have stale bread around all that much. Also, I am lazy.) I was kind of doubtful about the whole thing; after all, I make a lot of pasta with broccoli, and figured the breadcrumbs wouldn't make much of a difference. But it was rather tasty.

- I saw this "feel better" card in the bookstore:

[text on card: "it's days like these i realize maybe i'm not from the future. if i was, i would have known you were getting sick and i could have done something to save you."]

I would love to read that story, but would have no idea how to write it...

- I also discovered that Adrian Tinniswood has a new book out, which is exciting! I really enjoyed his book The Verneys, and this one, The Rainborowes, likewise charts the history of an early modern family. (I still haven't read his book about the Great Fire of London, because every time I think I might want to read it, I follow that thought with "...but it's probably going to make me sad...")