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11 July 2013 @ 01:58 pm
interesting Who piece  
Not sure how I stumbled across this, but:

GREY MATTERS: DOCTOR WHO's sublime study of grief, death and transfiguration continues to captivate its viewers

(Written in January 2012; discusses series 5 and 6.)

I sometimes say in shorthand that Moffat writes Doctor Who like a comedy (which I still think is true, even if a little less so in series 7, because goodbyes are always at least a little bit sad), which means that I tend to focus more on the elements of rebirth and reintegration in the show; this piece is in some way the flip side to that - how the show deals with death and comes to terms with it. Special mention for the reading of "Vincent and the Doctor"; though I wouldn't say that the episode is "really" about Amy's grief over Rory, I like the way the writer points out that the episode is *also* about that.