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23 April 2013 @ 08:59 pm
There was that bit that was basically a rewrite of "The Waters of Mars"? Like, when the pioneering lady scientist is supposed to have died or disappeared, you make sure she stays dead or missing (by which I mean "take her somewhere else so she won't mess up the record"; I hope it's clear that I don't mean "let her die"). Good for you, Doctor: lesson learned. (I love that she's a secret now, though. History says she disappeared, but we know otherwise.)

I liked the way that this episode was still a ghost story, even though it wasn't a ghost story; the answer didn't turn out, as it so often does on this show, to be aliens: the "ghost" wasn't dead, but what are ghosts except imprints in time, or voices calling for help? This one simply hadn't happened yet.

Also - this is an episode about the fact that the things that are out to hurt us, aren't. Which is a lovely little thing to happen. The ghost isn't frightening, it's afraid; the monster isn't a monster, it's a Romeo. "It's not a ghost story; it's a love story." (And the Doctor's arm casually slung around Clara's neck as he says that is a delight. I loved the way the two of them interacted with each other here, all their little gestures and high-fives.)

Really liked Clara's reaction to seeing the end of the world (that sort of thing does tend to faze a companion), and the Doctor's riddling answer: "You are the only mystery worth solving." That might be literal when it comes to Clara, but the Doctor is equally mystified by simple human emotion - asking Clara for a hint or a cheat sheet as to why she's crying, something to help him cope with what he cannot understand.

"Every lonely monster needs a companion." YOU STOP THAT, SHOW. And by stop, I mean carry right on.

Also, Clara seems to have to rescue the Doctor quite a bit, doesn't she?

Also also, she's carrying around an umbrella: link to Victorian Clara, or just a thing that happens when it rains?