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26 January 2013 @ 06:58 pm
When stressed, I resort to familiar comforts - which only partly explains why I was crying into my Cream of Wheat this morning about "The Beast Below," but I guess that's just the kind of life I lead now. (Just - their little faces! Amy being all stubborn and clever and right, believing in the Doctor with that hardy childhood faith of hers! Not being able to watch children cry! Apparently I still have a lot of feelings about it.)

(Have I ever mentioned how dearly I love Amy's reaction to being told that she and the Doctor are "observers only," as she watches Mandy crying on the TARDIS view screen, comparing it to being a part of a nature documentary - the way she trails off from that bouncy comparison, increasingly worried about how difficult it is to be distant and uninvolved? No? Well, I love it, dearly.)