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31 October 2011 @ 04:41 pm
outfacing the winds and persecutions of the sky  
See, Sam Crane understands (I agree with everything except the last line, because I lean toward having Edgar rather than Albany have the last lines of the play, which means that Edgar's worldview does sort of win out, and certainly it triumphs in the duel with Edmund):

“It’s not like good prevails and evil doesn’t but Edgar is keen that there should be some kind of natural justice in this world. He tries to shape the world into his way of thinking.

“There’s one scene where he meets his father again when he’s in a state of absolute despair and wants to kill himself, so Edgar essentially conjures up a world where miracles can happen – but he’s actually having to create all this in his head, so strongly does he want it to be true.

“Ultimately though he comes to realise that this world’s not all good or evil, it’s just chaos.” (my emphasis)