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02 October 2011 @ 07:14 pm
also, a sentence or two on The Hour  
One thing that occurred to me about Hector is the way that he just lets Freddie assume that Freddie has Hector all figured out. He lets Freddie rant at him about privilege, because Freddie thinks he knows exactly who Hector is, barring a few minor factual details; he thinks Hector is, head to foot, the embodiment of a stereotype.

But when Bel asks Hector how he got into news (instead of assuming, like Freddie, that Hector's narrative is one of bored privilege and taking the job because his wife wanted him to be more important than he was), Hector reveals this vivid, personal story about a moment when the news made him notice the world. And yet he doesn't defend himself to Freddie, when he could; he just lets Freddie go on thinking that he's got Hector pegged. I find that interesting.