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03 June 2011 @ 04:15 pm
Doctor Who blip  
I never posted about "The Almost People," and I probably need to watch it again before I even try, but I do just want to register my love for one tiny thing: that last scene between Rory, Amy, and the Doctor, when the Doctor tells Rory that he has to step away from Amy, and he does. I love that Rory has to put all his trust in the Doctor at that moment, wordlessly, and that he can do that, even with no explanation from the Doctor, because he knows that something important must be at stake for the Doctor to ask it of him. (Oh, my boys. I love their relationship, and that for all their odd tensions, there's also this love and trust and friendship between them, that it isn't just the same old tired story of competition and rivalry.) I tend to love the stories where people hold on stubbornly--Tam Lin, anyone?--but there, the bravery is in letting go.

Also, the Doctor calls Rory "Roranicus Pondicus," which makes me happy for days and days. Also also, Matt Smith acting opposite Matt Smith is simply giddy-making. Bless.