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25 August 2007 @ 10:42 pm
home again home again  
Five days in London, and I didn't have a single cup of tea. This seems wrong.

Especially as a cup of tea wouldn't have been at all amiss, since it was chilly and grey and often rainy for the whole trip (except, of course, for this morning, when I left to catch my flight. *Then* it was all blue skies and mellow sunshine.) But I have a thing about ordering tea with meals, since it's always cold by the time I'm ready to drink it...

Anyway. I'm home, and I'm exhausted. I saw Merchant and LLL at the Globe, both of which I really enjoyed (now all I need is to see a romance, and I'll have a full set!), and did lots of other fun wandering around various museums, but I'm so tired that I'm woozy at this point. I started reading LJ posts, but I quickly discovered my brain is not capable of comprehending too much right now, so I'll have to catch up later... I just needed to find a way to stay awake to call my mom (she was out when I called to let her know I was home, so I left a message), since I wanted to hear her voice before I went to bed, but now that's done, and so am I. G'night.

ETA: Oh! Before London, of course, there was the wedding of my college friend. Which was lovely. although it rained then as well. :) It was a relaxed, friendly day, with a family-style tapas reception--totally suited the bride and groom.

Okay, now I really *am* going to bed.
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tempestsarekind: martha londontempestsarekind on August 30th, 2007 02:55 am (UTC)
I think my friends and I managed to be in Italy for that heat wave--everyone kept telling us, with a bizarre cheerfulness, that it was the hottest summer in one hundred years or something close to that.

We made it to England just before the heat wave hit there, though--I've never been so glad to need a sweatshirt!