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11 August 2007 @ 01:01 pm
what do stars do?  
My mother is here! I survived the frantic apartment cleaning and so far things are going well, except for one random discussion of the "but I don't want you to be alone if something happens to me!" type, which can often devolve into a fight about how I don't get out enough or try enough new things, but did not today. Win.

I am reduced to sneaking peeks at LJ and the internet when my mother is otherwise occupied, so this will be short. Yesterday my mother indulged me and we went to see Stardust, which we both enjoyed a lot. The next time I read the book, I may be just a little disappointed that Charlie Cox isn't in it. Victoria (played by Sienna Miller) was a lot less sympathetic than in the book, I thought, which was an unexpected choice but not necessarily a bad one. The beginning felt a bit rushed, but this may have only been because I was expecting something more akin to the novel's leisurely opening. And I would have liked more market stuff (she says, clearly biased, looking at the Charles Vess Faerie market poster on her wall). Still, good times were had by all, even if the trailer for The Seeker: The Dark is Rising made me cringe even though I haven't read the book (pathetic, I know; long story about how I couldn't get myself to read the first book in the series and only just succeeded at it last summer, so post-fields I should be able to get back to the series), and the Take That ballad that ran during the end credits afflicted me with a fit of giggles. I would definitely see it again.

Plus I got a free poster. :)
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La Reine Noire: Crystal Balllareinenoire on August 20th, 2007 03:55 am (UTC)
I really enjoyed Stardust as well. It was So. Pretty. And I was pleasantly surprised by all the casting choices -- Cox as Tristan was particularly good. I must reread the novel now.