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28 January 2011 @ 04:36 pm
Someone asked me today if I liked the new Doctor, because she's seen some episodes with Ten but not with Eleven. I may have told her that he was "all sunshine and rainbows."*


(I followed this up by saying, "I genuinely thought that I would find it hard to get over David Tennant, and I told myself, 'That's okay, regeneration is a difficult process.' And then, ten minutes or so in, he said, 'Trust me, I'm the Doctor,' and I said [high-pitched talking-to-baby voice], 'Yes, you are!'")

This is why I should not be allowed out without a minder of some sort.

*This was not intended to be a description of his personality, but of my affection for him. I think it probably reads like the former, though.
Danielle_P: Elevendeleilan on January 28th, 2011 11:28 pm (UTC)
Wow, way to scare off a potential new convert, there. Nicely played!
tempestsarekind: amelia pond (ready for adventure)tempestsarekind on January 29th, 2011 09:32 pm (UTC)
Well, if she doesn't enjoy enthusiasm, Doctor Who might not be the show for her, anyway. *shrug*
harder, harder, hardest; i am the artist: david tennant/matt smith | coatsradiantbaby on January 29th, 2011 08:10 am (UTC)
Yeah, I never thought I'd get over Ten(nant) either and then, just minutes into 'The Eleventh Hour', I was deeply in love all over again. Oh, show.

The weirdest part is the slow recognition that Eleven is quickly rocketing to the top of My Favorite Doctor List (okay, yeah, he's already there), leaving even my dear Ten(nant) behind. I suppose the heart is just a bit fickle, sometimes.
tempestsarekind: eleventempestsarekind on January 29th, 2011 09:34 pm (UTC)
I don't know that I love Eleven more than I love Ten, precisely, because I love him in such a different way. With Ten, I have so many issues and so much annoyance with the way things went, and that counterbalances the love I have for the character. With Eleven, I'm experiencing delight, and that's lovely.

Plus I love how open and vulnerable Eleven is, even while he's quite reserved about things.