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02 November 2010 @ 08:50 pm
booooooks. booooooks.  
(I am a book-zombie, apparently.)

Today I totally frittered, and I feel much the better for it, although I will have to pay for it tomorrow. I did have an errand or two to run, actually; it's just that these errands were nearer to bookstores than is always a good idea for me.

I have new titles to find, but the big thing is that I'm just seeing lots of copies of Connie Willis' All Clear on the bookstore shelves, so that's tempting. (It would be the perfect book to take with me this weekend, because even reading at my fastest, it's going to take me a few days to get through it.) According to the public library, there are 52 holds on 30 copies, but I put my request in months ago, so I just have to be patient. And this gives me a chance to try to remember exactly what happened in Blackout. But it is a very pretty book.

I also discovered this book, which made me giggle to myself in the aisle:
Doctor Who: The Visual Dictionary (featuring the Eleventh Doctor)

I'm not used to having anyone around here have any real idea about the show, so it was amusing to find that book just sitting on the shelf (along with The Writer's Tale!). Maybe there are fans on staff.

But the other amusing thing about this book is the way it's laid out. I was a big fan of DK's Eyewitness Books, when I was a child (I checked out the one on ancient Egypt all the time forever, and I was also rather fond of the one on ancient Rome). This was because in addition to artists' reconstructions of things (which lots of books had), there were high-quality photographs of artifacts and photographs of people in costume, and little tags on every page, pointing to specific items, to deliver little nuggets of information. This book is set up in a similar way. See, for example, the page on the Doctor:
(Sadly, you can't zoom in any further on this page, but in the bookstore I learned that "the Doctor's clothes make him appear non-threatening.")
Or this page on Amy:
(You can zoom in a little on this one; from it we learn that Amy likes experimenting with clothes out of the TARDIS wardrobe. So, for all of you who suspected that Amy borrowed Ten's Converse [Converses?], it's a possibility!)

I like the little tags--so precise and factual!

I also discovered that the companion coffee-table book for Julie Taymor's Tempest film is already out (as of yesterday, apparently).
I didn't look at it too closely, since I didn't want to spoil myself ahead of time for all the imagery, but it's got an introduction by Jonathan Bate and an essay from Julie Taymor, but most of the text is the play/screenplay (I'm not sure which). But I did peek at Miranda and Ariel, since they are my favorites: Felicity Jones looks absolutely stunning, and Ben Whishaw looks appropriately alien and strange and various).

And today's silly want is Eat Slow Britain.
I have absolutely no need for this book, because I am not going to Britain any time in the future, and even if I were, I would probably need a car to get to these places, but I still want to read it anyway. For whatever reason (probably rampant and incurable Anglophilia, but also the occasional dose of Gourmet's Adventures With Ruth and Saveur spreads about local British cheeses, and my inexplicable desire to someday go to Borough Market, just to see), I do have a slight interest in British food movements. Plus I like food. :)

(Actually, I was sad about the folding of Gourmet magazine not because I ever read Gourmet magazine, but because I really like the magazine's two food shows, especially Diary of a Foodie. I love watching people who are passionate about what they love, whether that's slow food in Italy, or preserving the tradition of making taro in Hawaii, or making chocolate milk in Iowa.) (P.S. You can watch episodes on the Gourmet website, if this is the sort of thing that appeals to you. Or on PBS, if your affiliate carries them.)

I have some other book-related thoughts--about what I wish I were doing with my life, and what those books and those stories represent--but I don't think I could put them into any semblance of clarity, so you are spared.
viomisehuntviomisehunt on November 3rd, 2010 03:37 am (UTC)
Think I've seen that at Borders--but the one before Matt joined the team. Very interesting
tempestsarekind: eleventempestsarekind on November 3rd, 2010 04:39 pm (UTC)
Yes, this one is mostly Eleven, with a few references to Nine and Ten, and a page on all the Doctors (if I'm remembering correctly).