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29 August 2010 @ 04:38 pm
Yesterday I watched The History Boys, which really shouldn't make me feel better, since it raises all kinds of thorny, depressing issues like how to be a good teacher and what one should do with one's life, but it does anyway. Oh, my adorable boys. And every time I see it, I love Rudge a little bit more--not that I didn't always, of course--and how solid he is.

One of the many things I love about the film is that it's a school story in which school actually matters. So often, school is just the backdrop; it's where the characters happen to be because they're of the age where school is mandatory. But The History Boys is actually about school, about being educated and what that means.

Plus, it never really feels like a proper school story to me unless there are uniforms. :) I suppose that is what happens when you go to a girls' private school during your formative years.

(Sometimes I really shudder to think how much my parents have spent on my education, instead of other things. I feel as though I ought to do something that's worth all that money, somehow. So far, however, the picture looks bleak.)