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18 July 2010 @ 02:43 pm
Martian Child; somewhat related writing thoughts  
(I would like this post to be more...incisive, but I'm too hot to get my brain to work adequately. It feels like porridge--both my brain and the post.)

This weekend I watched Martian Child. I enjoyed it quite a bit; there were a few moments that I thought were perhaps a bit too on-the-nose, but on the whole I found it sweet without being cloying, and rather touching.

Though part of that may be that stories about imaginative children and their fantasy worlds (either real or imagined, or both at once) have a special place in my consciousness. (You may draw connections to "The Eleventh Hour" at your leisure. This is also--as the icon suggests--one of the reasons I like Pan's Labyrinth as much as I do.) It's funny, because I consider that sort of story something that I would very much like to write, in the future--that is, not something I've done yet. But when I actually looked over my few finished stories and works in progress, only two or three of them don't feature childhood in a relatively central way; if the protagonists aren't children at the time of the story, there are usually flashbacks or detailed references to formative childhood experiences. I don't think I've gotten it right yet, why this theme matters so much to me and is so powerful--and maybe that's why I don't feel like I've actually done it yet--but it was still a surprise to realize how many times I'd taken a crack at it without meaning to.

As usual, I guess it takes a long time for my brain to catch up with my brain.