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10 April 2010 @ 10:32 pm
non-spoilery reaction to The Beast Below  
I was having a conversation with thepresidentrix the other day about "Gridlock," among other things, and it reminded me that there are some Doctor Who episodes that I love all out of proportion to their actual quality as episodes, because they work for me as meta. (Which is not to say that they are bad, necessarily; it's just that I love them for reasons other than their quality.) "Gridlock" is one of those, because it is all about Ten going through heroics for Martha (which doesn't happen all that often in S3), and then all about Ten needing therapy at the end. (Er, and because he's totally coming on to her near the end, all "It's been a long time since I saw you, Martha Jones." I am shallow.) "The Lazarus Experiment" is likewise one of those episodes (though it also pushes my person-outside-of-time buttons hard in Southwark Cathedral), because Martha Jones Is a Star and also Never Really Just a Passenger. And so are the Sontaran episodes in S4, because they're all about how Ten has always seen Martha, despite "he never even looks at me."

I wonder whether, upon my finishing the season, "The Beast Below" will be one of those. I suspect that it already is, in some ways (see previous post).
tempestsarekind: david tennant is pleased and surprisedtempestsarekind on April 12th, 2010 09:22 pm (UTC)
It's like Moffat is reminding us of all the stuff that RTD forgot about: just as, oh hey, there's a library and a swimming pool in the TARDIS, remember? there's also the basic kindness of the Doctor that is occasionally in conflict with his basic high-handedness, whereas for RTD kindness melded with high-handedness into Lonely God Savior Complex which really wasn't a good look, frankly, even on David Tennant's face.

*gigglesnort* This is trufax, basically. I love David Tennant and will miss getting to watch him act on a regular basis, but the Lonely God stuff I will not miss at all!

I definitely think I reacted to this episode as a "clearing the decks" piece, and in that respect I was totally on board with it. But yes, "Geronimo" is not growing on me!

I suppose Wales must have been somewhere, else why call it "Spaceship UK" rather than "Spaceship England"? But I don't remember seeing it (and I sort of wonder, now, if that was deliberate, even if for no other reason than not wanting to *seem* like they were making pointed comments about Wales after RTD's departure).