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05 May 2018 @ 09:47 pm
No Fear Shakespeare translates Olivia's "Most wonderful!" as "How unbelievable!"

I just -

I don't -

Why. Why. Why do they do these things.

I mean, I probably have more feelings about this line than the average person, since one of the reasons I love Twelfth Night so much is that sense of wonder, of the miraculous, that exists in the last scene - which even changes time itself from blind arbiter to "golden time," an echo of the golden world - but still. "Unbelievable" is not even in the same ballpark; why even bother "translating" this word if you're going to fail this hard? (I mean, do they not know the word "amazing"? What about "wondrous"? "Extraordinary"? It's like they just pointed at random to a word in the thesaurus!)

Although shmoop.com is just as ridiculous, as it features lines like, "Sir Toby and Sir Andrew enter the garden and say 'hey' to 'Cesario.'" Oh, they say "hey," do they? This Shakespeare jazz is the bee's knees! Thanks, daddy-o!

ETA: are you even serious right now:

"'Cesario' tries to give Olivia the brush off, but Olivia tells 'Cesario' she's got the serious hots for him and demands to hear what 'he' thinks of her."

...the hots?!?!?