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19 December 2009 @ 02:33 pm
drive-by due south thoughts  
Well, really, just a random observation or two about Bob Fraser:

I think I rather love that his gun is imaginary and doesn't work in "Bird of the Hand," when he tries to get Fraser to use it on Gerard--because despite everything, he doesn't really mean what he's asking, and Fraser knows that. But in "Call of the Wild," that gun very clearly affects the external world, and Bob Fraser is visible, because he wants Muldoon to see him, he says--because when it's revenge and Caroline, he means it. And Fraser knows it, too, I think.

And I deeply love the fact that it's Bob's hiding his rage from Benton that allows Benton, perhaps, to grow up the way he does--as the man who can put law ahead of everything else, even revenge. And the grace that's given, that Bob gets to make the right choice the second time around. It feels like a Shakespearean romance to me.

"I thought you were permanent." Oh, my heart.

Some of the other stuff (especially in the second part)? eeeeeeh, what.

Also, dear Benton: you are not allowed to use that vulnerable little boy face anymore, okay? It makes me sadder than sad, and then I have to think about you trying to tell ghost stories to Ray K., and how that makes me want to hug you for days and days.