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04 March 2007 @ 01:40 pm
my parents are so normal. how did I get to be this way?  
For reasons somewhat related to the class I'm teaching for, I was thinking about all the Shakespeare classes I took as an undergrad. I had been under the impression that I took four of them in four years, but it turns out that this is untrue--the last class I thought I'd taken was the usual survey course, which I'd already taken freshman year and so couldn't take again, even though it was being taught by a different professor. So I actually took three and sat in on one.

The thing is, though, that I was absolutely convinced I'd actually taken the class because I remembered taking an in-class essay exam on As You Like It. This wasn't a hallucination--I still have the exam around somewhere at home. That means I took an exam for fun. That's so not right.

Also? This means I can no longer scoff at professors who claim that their exams should be a pleasurable experience (as I did last week; we have a midterm coming up). Crap.
Current Mood: surprisedI am all astonishment