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30 August 2009 @ 08:09 pm
I *finally* read Ironside by Holly Black last night (I bought it ages ago; I think maybe I'd planned to reread Tithe first, but I can't remember what the holdup was, now). And then felt mildly embarrassed when I had to explain to a friend what had kept me up late into the night, reading. I hate that I do that. I'd gotten over it, mostly...and then I went to grad school. Anyway, what I really like about her books is how real and rooted all the magical elements feel, and how she creates such vivid and arresting images, never shrinking away from the real cruelty of Faerie. I feel like I need to remember that, when I write: I tend to wind up in "tepid and over-elegant" territory rather a lot.
Current Music: "Take On Me," A-ha (really? that's random!)