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28 July 2009 @ 03:54 pm
I feel as though I've been wearing my "TV makes me cranky" hat a lot lately, between the commercials for The Ugly Truth (really? is this the best romantic comedy Hollywood has to offer right now? Way to trade on tired and insulting gender stereotypes!) and the show Chopped (I think it's the judges), but one of the more recent Starburst commercials is really bothering me:


In this commercial, a man tells his son that he, being Scotch-Korean, is a "contradiction" and doesn't "make a wee bit of sense." Therefore, he is just like Starburst, which is a solid *and* a liquid! Randomness! Hilarity!

...Except for the bit where he's implying that minorities can't actually belong to the countries in which they live and probably were born. Sure, I highly doubt that that was the thought process behind the commercial; I suspect I'm just supposed to find it funny that there's an Asian guy wearing a kilt and carrying bagpipes. But...seriously? I don't even get why that's *supposed* to be funny. I don't know, *maybe* I'd find this less disturbing if we weren't also *still* watching people declare that our African-American president can't actually have been born in the United States, but I doubt it.

(The commercial also declares that albino lifeguards are also a contradiction; I don't even know what to say about that.)