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11 August 2018 @ 07:23 pm
So I stopped watching Poldark abruptly during season 2 because ROSS POLDARK IS THE WORST, but PBS is running repeats and they're showing the episode I stopped watching partway through (see, I said it was abrupt), and wow, Ross Poldark is not just the worst, but the ABSOLUTE worst.

(Also, why is everyone like, "oh hey, Ross is going to marry Elizabeth now that her husband is dead," when Ross is married??? He can't just get un-wed! What am I missing here? Their society is not big enough for people not to know, and the church is not going to be like, "oh okay, go on then." Why is everyone behaving like this is some kind of certainty? Or is the assumption that he and Elizabeth are just going to live in sin, forsaking their standing in polite society, but...that's okay somehow? What is even happening?)
04 August 2018 @ 09:00 am
The BBC miniseries of The Miniaturist now has a PBS airdate of Sunday 9/9 at 9:

Obviously I have to watch this because Romola Garai is in it (*pours one out for The Hour*), but I also feel bad because I tried to read the book and bounced off of it really hard for totally arbitrary reasons. (It had one of those prologues that actually happens after the events of the book, and I always feel like those sorts of prologues are trying to make me care about a narrative by stacking the deck: look, they always seem to be saying to me, things aren't going to be this interesting right away, you'll have to sit through some stuff, but remember me? Aren't I shiny and intriguing? Don't you wanna know how I got this way? And I'm usually like, "no? Because I don't know who any of these people are, and you can't just grandiose your way into making me care?" And then the tone of the book just after the prologue is often very different from the tone of the prologue, which was the case here, so I only got a few pages in before I just couldn't bother.)

It's a shame, because the cover is gorgeous, and I have very fond memories of walking through cities in the UK just when the book came out and seeing whole bookshop windows devoted to it. I was excited when it came out in the US, and I always meant to try it again after the prologue debacle, but I never did. (I did read Jessie Burton's second book, The Muse, which was a good way to spend the school camping trip, but it had that problem where it had two narratives taking place at different times and I found one of the narratives far more interesting than the other, unfortunately.)
...but didn't he already write this?

'Time Traveler's Wife' Drama From Steven Moffat Scores HBO Green Light
22 July 2018 @ 09:56 am
A while back, I posted about an exhibition that put Keats' copy of Paradise Lost on display. Now the Keats Library digital humanities project has launched a digital edition of the copy:


It's still very much in beta, but it's worth playing around with, if you're interested.
14 July 2018 @ 10:17 pm
but I have no thoughts about the Mary, Queen of Scots trailer beyond the voice in my head yelling "NOBODY TOLD ME ADRIAN LESTER WAS IN THIS!"

He's not listed as a member of the cast on IMDb, and Google is just turning up his name in conjunction with the film, not any casting details, so I have no idea who he's meant to be playing beyond "disapproving lord conspiring in corner" - and there are usually a lot of those in Tudor-set films - but, you know. It's Adrian Lester!
Christopher Marlowe Movie in the Works From ‘Star Wars’ Producer Gary Kurtz

As he was the most famous playwright of his day, he was too well-known and popular to be tried and executed publicly, so, according to the filmmakers, he was secretly assassinated by his fellow secret service agents.

This thing where people think that Elizabethan dramatists (as opposed to their plays, or the actors who performed in them) were "well-known and popular" outside of a very small circle is such an odd belief. (Also, the idea that popularity would protect you from execution is...weird.)

I've long wanted a film about Marlowe (my last post in the "marlowe" tag is actually about how I wish someone would cast Daveed Diggs as Marlowe), but...I don't know. Let's just hope it's not another Anonymous?
16 June 2018 @ 07:24 pm
It's everything I've ever wanted, and it's never going to make it to the US, is it?


It's a documentary called Abducted: Elizabeth I's Child Actors, for BBC4. Here's the full press release:

*mournful grabby hands*
12 June 2018 @ 01:25 am
...uh what?

Hailee Steinfeld to Star in Emily Dickinson Comedy Series for Apple

The project takes viewers into the world of Dickinson and explores the constraints of society, gender and family from the perspective of a budding writer who doesn't fit in to her own time through her imaginative point of view. Dickinson is described as Emily's coming-of-age story and one woman's fight to get her voice heard. The comedy is set in the 1800s and features a modern sensibility and tone.


[editing post because, aw man, "Don't tell! they'd advertise - you know!" would have been a much better subject line from that poem]